To adequately plan for the future, we need to fully evaluate your situation, legally, financially, and emotionally. We first sit down and simply talk about you, your spouse, the situation, your priorities, and your hopes. We discuss options and then devise a plan. Whether you are seeking an uncontested irreconcilable differences divorce or you expect your spouse to create a high conflict divorce, we will work together to ensure you come out on the other side wiser, stronger, and better than ever.

I have been in your shoes, so I relate on a personal level and can provide empathetic guidance. My practice philosophy, coupled with my unique coaching style, enables clients to focus on the future. I limit client volume so that you get the attention you deserve. I do not pass off your case to an associate or assistant. You get the attorney you hire. My goal is to help you move forward in a way that promotes hope and healing. 

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Divorce is not a game or fight to be won. I give my all to ensure you and your children are able to restructure your family in the most constructive, civil way possible. Should your spouse turn things nasty, I have the experience and tenacity to fight. 

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Divorce can be expensive.   Many attorneys charge a large retainer and then continue to send legal bills every month in unpredictable amounts. I charge customized flat rates based on your situation and the complexity.

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I limit my client volume to a manageable caseload so that you get the time and individualized attention you deserve. Your case will not be passed along to an associate or assistant. You get the attorney you hire.

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At Laurin Hamilton Law, it is all family law, all the time. I handle divorce, child custody, child support, modifications, and adoptions. I have chosen to keep my practice dedicated to family law in order to better serve my clients.

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“Laurin has a servant’s heart. She displayed intellect, genuine concern, and true compassion for what was right and wrong. When I needed help, she jumped right in with no reservations. I did not have to call wondering what was next. Laurin always made sure that I was aware of what and when things were happening. I loved that I didn’t have to sit and wonder what was going on in my case.” 

A Servant's Heart

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“I cannot verbally describe how thoroughly and precisely Laurin handled my case. Truthfully, I underestimated her in the beginning, but Laurin made me (as well as the other side and everyone involved) a true believer in ‘catching more flies with honey.’ I initially thought I might need a big, bad, bulldog with a sour attitude. I needed Laurin! Someone super intelligent, impeccably detailed, and kill them with kindness kind of attorney! She got the results I wanted in my case and I am forever in her debt!”

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“I wanted a quick divorce and Laurin provided a very speedy experience while paying close attention to the details of my case. She was easy to get a hold of when I had questions and was very knowledgeable about Mississippi law compared to other attorneys I have worked with in the past. I previously paid more for less of a lawyer. Laurin was worth every penny.” 

Worth Every Penny

“Laurin had a very in depth knowledge of the proceedings and it gave me a peace of mind during a stressful time. When you are going through personal issues in life, you need someone in your corner fighting for your rights. Laurin did an excellent job fighting for my parental rights.”

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