Each client has a unique set of concerns. At Laurin Hamilton Law, you are more than a number on a case file. You deserve personal attention from a skilled attorney who has you and your children’s best interest at heart. Blending empathy with passionate advocacy, I use divorce coaching and sound legal advice to help clients navigate the process and ultimately reach a place of growth and change. Divorce better, not bitter.

I'm Laurin Davis Hamilton and I am dedicated to helping clients focus on what matters most. At Laurin Hamilton Law, divorce is done differently, with value pricing offering a transparent “no surprises” fee structure, empathetic but solid guidance, and remarkable client-attorney access. Divorce can be devastating. You may be worried about losing time with your children or concerned about the financial impact and how your assets will be divided. 

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Hi friends, let me introduce myself. I am a wife, mom, and the founding attorney of Laurin Hamilton Law. I began practicing law in 2006 representing corporations and litigating high stake cases at a large regional law firm. But I longed to do what actually led me to law school, which is to help people. So I left “big law” and chose to assist real people with real problems.

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“Laurin has a servant’s heart. She displayed intellect, genuine concern, and true compassion for what was right and wrong. When I needed help, she jumped right in with no reservations. I did not have to call wondering what was next. Laurin always made sure that I was aware of what and when things were happening. I loved that I didn’t have to sit and wonder what was going on in my case.”

“I cannot verbally describe how thoroughly and precisely Laurin handled my case. Truthfully, I underestimated her in the beginning, but Laurin made me (as well as the other side and everyone involved) a true believer in ‘catching more flies with honey.’ I initially thought I might need a big, bad, bulldog with a sour attitude. I needed Laurin! Someone super intelligent, impeccably detailed, and kill them with kindness kind of attorney! She got the results I wanted in my case and I am forever in her debt!” 

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